Winter is coming and it’s time to gear-up

Whether we like it or not, winter is on its way and Bonnell can help you prepare. Installing Curb Shoes and Cutting Edges will help extend the life of your plow.

Curb Shoes help to protect plow edges from damage caused by scraping the curb. To protect the moldboard, you will want to use Cutting Edges. It’s a good idea to replace them before the frame of your plow is exposed. What type of cutting edge, and how often you change it will all depend on what type of roads or surface you will be servicing.

We are a proud manufacturer of our Bonnell Curb Shoes, and a proud dealer of four other manufacturers: Built Blades, Valley Blades, Bucyrus Blades, and Nordic Plow.



Bonnell’s Curb Shoes are built with the same quality and durability that we’re known for. Using chromium and tungsten carbide infusion technology, we have created a product engineered to last. They come in three different builds: Heavy Duty Wrap-Around, Reversible Wrap-Around, and Reversible Bull Nose.


Built Blades

Fed up with struggling to get plow blades on and off when you’re against the clock in freezing temperatures? Try the ‘Sabre’ from Built Blades. This plow blade is made up of interlocking sections, eliminating the need for full-length cover blades and allowing one-person installation! They also have built-in wear indicators, removing the guesswork of when you need to change your blade! Wanting to protect your plow even more? Look into their Medium-Duty and Heavy-Duty Curb Shoes.

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Valley Blades Limited

Outlast winter with Polarflex – the leanest, meanest and greenest plow blade out there! These blades get so close to the road, they’ll reduce the number of trips you have to make over the same patch, saving time, fuel, salt, and blade wear. These blades are also completely recyclable and have hugely reduced vibrations compared to competitors.

Click here for a Valley Blades customer testimonial.

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Bucyrus Blades

Precision punched for quick and easy mounting, Bucyrus’ Blades Cutting Edges are produced from the highest quality steels. Some feature carbide inserted blades. Bucyrus Blades are made for Midwest winters!


Nordic Plow

The Nordic Plow Edge blade features a patented curved cutting surface that will outlast traditional edges. Its curvature glides over almost any road surface with ease. The Edge from Nordic Plow can save your roads from damage during those heavy plowing months! You can choose between through hardened steel edge or a polyurethane edge.

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Click here to see the Nordic Plow Edge in action.

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