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Bonnell Truck Packages

Harsh winter weather can take a heavy toll on your road maintenance equipment. But now Bonnell Industries has engineered the ultimate answer to winter’s attacks in our new and improved Truck Packages. Elements of the packages have been developed to deliver maximum corrosion protection, along with improved design for easier maintenance and repair, resulting in efficient, top-of-the-line performance when you need it most – in the middle of the snow season. Please go to the Gallery section to view images of some of our most recent truck packages. Additionally, click this link for a Video Example of one of our truck packages from 2012.

The enhancements included in the new Bonnell Truck Packages will end up lowering maintenance costs and downtime over the life of the truce. Improvements have been made to all of the main systems, including electrical, hydraulic, and lighting.

Fuse Panels:

Simple to use fuse panels are now standard on every truck build. By utilizing fuses that light up when blown, operators can quickly and easily get back on the road. All panels have rubber gaskets and caps that prevent moisture and salt from developing corrosion. Same as the rest of the wiring harness, each wire will be labeled, for easy maintenance and trouble-shooting.

Labeled Wiring Harnesses:

The truck’s wiring harnesses – chassis, plow, and light bar – have been labeled to make it easier to identify and replace parts when they wear out or malfunction. Words are printed directly on the harnesses at 6″ intervals to tell you exactly what the wire connects to. Wire harnesses are plug-and-play, making quick work of any replacements that need to be made. And now, instead of finding the correct wire by trial and error, simply refer to the color coded/ word imprinted chart supplied with each truck.

Improved Corrosion Resistance:

All junction boxes are plastic for maximum corrosion resistance, and o-rings are used on the lid to seal out moisture and water to make them highly resistant to the elements. These features are now standard on every truck package, vastly improving corrosion protection and delivering benefits that customers seek in their vehicles. Other enhancements to improve corrosion protection include changing headlight enclosures from painted steel to hard plastic, and using epoxy coated marker lights. Painted steel headlight enclosures were susceptible to rust from salt exposure. Hard plastic enclosures won’t chip, peel, or corrode. All light bulb plug-in prongs are more resistant to corrosion with their epoxy coatings and easier to plug in. We’ve also added a hard wire ground to improve safety. After it’s been out in the salt and winter elements for several years, your truck is likely to start showing the effects of all that exposure to tough conditions. But with the many improvements Bonnell has made, your vehicle will have superior corrosion resistance and require less maintenance and down time from replacing rusted-out parts.

Hose Manifolds:

Bonnell’s engineers have developed a hose manifold that sits behind the truck cab, making the hoses far more accessible when it’s time to replace them. Instead of hoses running all the way from the back of the truck to the control console, now the four hoses of the Hydraulic Dual Flow, run only to the manifold. If a hose wears out or develops a leak, there’s much greater access to the hose, and all that needs replacing is the portion of it that runs from the auger or spreader t the manifold. You no longer need to replace the whole length and go inside and under the cab to do the work. We’ve also standardized as much as 50-60% of the hydraulic hoses on our trucks, and we’ve assigned them part numbers. Now all a truck owner needs to do is remove the bad hose and order a replacement using the part number on the hose’s label. This streamlined process saves time and minimizes the amount of time your truck is out of service.

Options & Features:

In addition to all of the enhanced and improved features on Bonnell Truck Packages, you also can choose from a variety of features that will upgrade performance and efficiency. Please speak with a Bonnell representative about your various options in hydraulic systems, lighting and electrical, trailer hitches, and plow frames and hitches.


High maintenance costs and excessive down time are strains on a municipality’s budget. Have your older model, in-use trucks refitted by Bonnell technicians to improve the performance of the equipment. Bring your older model truck in and we will gut all of the wiring and rewire it to new-truck specifications. We’ll also refit the hydraulic system, pulling off all of the old hoses, installing the new manifold hose connector and installing new hoses. Sandblasting and repainting your in-use truck, plow, and/or spreader will make them look brand new. Bonnell technicians will pull all decals, sandblast, paint, and install new warning lights identical to those on our brand new truck packages.