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Winter is coming and it’s time to gear-up

Whether we like it or not, winter is on its way and Bonnell can help you prepare. Installing Curb Shoes and Cutting Edges will help extend the life of your plow.

Curb Shoes help to protect plow edges from damage caused by scraping the curb. To protect the moldboard, you will want to use Cutting Edges. It’s a good idea to replace them before the frame of your plow is exposed. What type of cutting edge, and how often you change it will all depend on what type of roads or surface you will be servicing.

We are a proud manufacturer of our Bonnell Curb Shoes, and a proud dealer of four other manufacturers: Built Blades, Valley Blades, Bucyrus Blades, and Nordic Plow.


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Stock up on plow wear supplies now!

Seems like winter has arrived early this year! With temperatures dropping and some states already seeing snow fall, make sure you’re prepared for the colder weather and stock up on plow wear supplies now.

Bonnell has a full range of blades, wear shoes and curb shoes – all available on Sourcewell contract. Contact us today to order Saber, Polar Flex and Bonnell brands at (800) 851-9664.

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