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The Economy Snow Pusher



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The Economy Snow Pusher STANDARD FEATURES

  1. Endplates 3/16"
  2. Boxed bottom 3/16" formed angle
  3. Adjustable 3/4" thick AR400 wear shoes
  4. Rubber wear edge
  5. Fabricated from 3/16" thick steel
  6. Built in skid steer adapter

Economy Snow Pusher OPTIONS

  • 3-Point Mounting System
  • Category 1 - 130 lbs.
  • Category 2 & 3 - 140 lbs
  • Fork lift mounting system - 170 lbs.
  • Bucket mounting system - receiver forks 200 lbs.
  • Steel wear edge


Economy Snow Pusher36"8'650 lbs
Economy Snow Pusher36"10'750 lbs

The Economy Snow Pusher (ESP) provides a lightweight yet durable alternative for box plows. Made with the same quality engineering as all of the Bonnell Industries products, the ESP was designed to take weight out of the scoop increases your payload and gives you the strength needed t push the heaviest snow.