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  1. T-BOXXES - are ideal for storing small hardware and parts with a clear lid and inset boxes
  2. L-BOXXES - are versatile and convenient storage containers for mobile trades professional
  3. I-BOXXES - can be utilized alone for small parts or in conjunction with the LS-BOXX
  4. M-BOXXES - were designed for transporting bulk goods to and from the jobsite
  5. S-BOXXES - are ideal for storing small hardware and parts easily due to their sliding ability
  6. smaller inset boxes that help compartmentalize the BOXX space
  7. The lid design also prevents contents transferring from one inset box to another during transport



17.32"13.78"3.15"5.1 lb

For more information on BOXXES please contact Bonnell Industries and ask for one of are salesman.

Sortimo Boxxes are the industry’s most innovative choice for mobile storage solutions.  Each Boxx features a functional design, enabling the mobile technician to transport easily from the cargo van to the job site. The wide selection enables the mobile technician to select the Boxxes that best work for their application, as Boxxes can store everything from small hardware and parts to larger power tools and equipment. Don’t settle for the standard van storage bins with little functionality, select Sortimo Boxxes for increased organization and efficiency on your job site.