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Olympian Leaf Pro Plus Chassis Mount

The Olympian Leaf Pro Plus Chassis Mount is mounted on a Peterbilt 220 chassis equipped with factory installed right-hand drive. A total vehicle length of just 24-foot provides an excellent turning radius to navigate marrow streets and cul-de-sacs. The cab over design of the Peterbilt 220 offers premium visibility, along with ability to carry out fluid level inspections without having to tip the cab.

Features include in cab controls to operate a 180-degree swing arm boom, hydraulic tailgate latch and dumping controls.

With a hose reach of 11-foot and ditch reach of 50 inches, the Olympian Chassis Mount Pro Plus can pick up from the deepest of ditches and culverts.


99 HP John Deere
74 HP Kubota Engine Option
Heavy Duty Industrial Rubber Hose
Directional Light Bar
Elbow Liner
Clean-out Door
Down Draft Exhaust
Dust Suppression System
Rear Hitch

Empty GVRW Weight35,000 lbs
Standard Collection Capacity23 yards
High Collection Capacity30 yards
Fuel Tank, Aluminum40 US gallons
Dump Angle54 degrees
Collection NozzlesRight-side
Battery12 volt, 1190 amp, 950 CCA
Fan30″ diameter

Olympian Leaf Pro Plus

The new Olympian Leaf Pro Plus was built with you in mind and boasts an impressive number of industry leading features, like the reengineered ride-on operator platform, improved collection arm and new dust suppression system – you asked and we delivered!

Equipment Features:

Gated operator platform with swivel seat and CANbus joystick controls
Safety interlock system on suction fan and belt guard
40 gallon fuel tank
Heavy duty belt drive fan
74 HP Tier 4, liquid-cooled Kubota diesel engine
180 degree swing extended ready collection boom
23-30 yard collection body with packer style tailgate
Proportional electrical hydraulic valve controls
16″ diameter pickup hose with 3-function hydraulically controlled pickup arm (optional)
DOT compliant lighting and markings


High Capacity (30 yard)
87 HP Kubota Gasoline Engine
74 HP John Deere Tier 4 Diesel Engine
99 HP John Deere Tier 4 Diesel Engine
Transfluid Coupler
Heavy Duty Industrial Rubber Hose
Straight Rear Exhaust
Down Draft Tailgate
Down Draft Dust Control with Water Suppression
Directional Light Bar
Hydraulic Jack
Quick Detach Hose


Standard CapacityHigh Capacity
Empty Weight:13,000 lbs14,500 lbs
Collection Capacity20 cubic yards30 cubic yards
Fuel Tank, Aluminum40 US gallons40 US gallons
Dump Angle52 degrees52 degrees
Collection NozzlesRight-SideRight-Side
Battery12 Volt, 1190 Amp;950 CCA12 Volt, 1190 Amp;950 CCA
Fan Diameter30″30″
Axles12k Tandem16k Tandem

Ride-On Operator Platform

The Olympian Leaf Pro Plus units have a gated guard rail around the operator platform, which has been moved from the side of the machine to be in line with the trailer. A camera is mounted next to the joystick controls which wirelessly links to a display in the driver’s cab. An optional operator hood is also available.

Collection Hose

The Olympian units have a 14 foot long collection hose. Mounted on a planetary arm, the hose has a 180-degree range of movement. An optional quick connect/disconnect function is available.

Rear Exhaust and Dust Suppression

The Olympian Leaf Pro Plus has newly updated dust suppression systems, including the standard roof vented exhaust with bolt on top screen and the optional straight rear exhaust from the top of the unit, or a down draft tailgate exhaust which can be paired with water suppression.

Bonnell Snow Plow Hero Competition 2020

**COMPETITION CLOSED** At Bonnell we’re proud of the work we do and the role we play in helping you get the job done. We know that our customers are real-life hero’s, whose jobs count more than most when it comes to the safety of our communities, and sometimes getting that job done means sacrifice – whether it’s putting yourself in the line of danger, working through the night or going out in the harshest weather, your dedication means everything.

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TFC-DT/F Series

The Ferri Mower TFC-DT/F Series Forestry Mulchers are for rotor tractors with fixed flails. Suitable for green areas and uncultivated vegetation up to 40cm.

Product Image Cutting Width Tractor Power Max. Cutting Width Total Width Weight Rotor Diameter Total Rotor Diameter
TFC-DT/F 2000 6′ 6″ 120 / 150 HP 1000 RPM 16″ 7′ 10″ 4123lbs 0′ 11″ 1′ 8″
TFC-DT/F 2200 7′ 3″ 140 / 180 HP 1000 RPM 16″ 8′ 6″ 4585lbs 0′ 11″ 1′ 8″

MDB130 Ditch Bank Mower

The MDB130 is a mechanically driven ditch bank mower that is perfect for a variety of maintenance needs, and can reach speeds of up to 14,128 RPM, cutting debris up to 2″ in diameter. The Infinity-Cast blade is protected from wear and tear by Rhino’s slip-clutch system. For a high-speed, low-profile mower, look no further than the MDB130.

Perfect For: Fencerow Maintenance | Highway Mowing | Pond & Levee Embankments | Other Hard-to-Reach Mowing Applications

Features and Benefits:

130″ Horizontal Reach
Available in 540 or 1000 RPM
60” Cutting Width
Slip Clutch Protection
2” Cut Capacity


Cutting Width: 60″
Transport Width: 60″
Overall Width (Skid to Skid): 69 1/2″
Overall Length (Guard to Guard): 83 1/4″
Cutting Height: 1 1/2″ – 12″
Hitch: CAT 2 Std. & CAT 3 Std
Blade Carrier: Infinity-Cast
Blades: 1/2″ – 4″
Blade Rotation: Counter Clockwise
PTO HP Required: 60 w/ 25% of Weight on Front Wheels
Min. Tractor Weight: 5,000lbs
Gearbox HP: Center: 100 Deck: 130
Tractor PTO Speed: 540 RPM, 1000 RPM
Drive Type: Mechanical
Mechanical Breakaway: Std.
Blade Tip Speed: 540 RPM: 13,904; 1000 RPM: 14,128
Horizontal Reach: 130″
Cutting Capacity: 2″
Driveline Size: CAT 4
Overload Protection: Slip Clutch
Deck Thickness: 10 Ga.
Side Skirt: 7 Ga x 9 1/8″
Range of Head Movement 40 Degrees Up / 40 Degrees Down
Skid Shoes: Std.
Safety Guarding: Single Chain
Weight: 1,900lbs

4155 Flex Wing Rotary Cutter

The Rhino 4000 ‘Epic’ series rotary cutters boost the horsepower requirement to 60, getting the ability to cut brush up to 4″ in diameter. The stronger gearbox is tested up to 250 horsepower, while the whole unit is protected by a safety chain. Couple that with slip-clutch protection and hydraulic wing lift, and you’ve got a monster rotary cutter not to be taken lightly.

Perfect For: General Mowing | Pasture Maintenance | Shredding Crops & Stalks | Roadside & Right-of-Way Mowing | Commercial Mowing | Farm Use | Heavy-Duty Agriculture Use | Industrial Mowing

Features and Benefits:

60 Horsepower PTO Requirement
250 Horsepower Gearbox
Chain Guard Safety Deflectors
3 Optional Wheel Configurations


Cutting Width: 180″
Transport Width: 96″
Overall Width (Skid to Skid): 187″
Overall Length: 183″
Cutting Height: 2″ – 14″
Self-Leveling Height Adjustment: Hydraulic Cylinder
Jack Stand: Standard
Hitch: Pull
Blade Carrier: Cast Dog-Bone Pan
Blades: 1/2″ x 4″ Parallel Lift
Blade Overlap: 6″
PTO Horsepower Required: 60 HP
Gearbox Rating: Divider: 250 HP; Center & Wing: 225 HP
Cutting Capacity: 4 1/2″
Driveline Size: Main: Lube 4 Life CAT 5 CV; Wing: CAT 5
Driveline Protection: Slip Clutch
Deck Thickness: 7 Ga.
Side Skirt: 1/4″
Tires & Wheels: 3 Options
Wing Lift Hydraulics: Standard
Wing Flex: 90 Degrees Up / 25 Degrees Down
Safety Tow Chain: Standard
LED Light Kit Standard
Safety Deflectors: Chain Guard

TS10 Flex Wing Rotary Cutter

Don’t let the small size of the TS10 deceive you – it’s packing some seriously heavy-duty guts. With a 120″ cutting width and 1/2″ x 3″ blades, the TS10 is prepared to take on brush up to a full 2″ in diameter. The Flex-Wing Deck design lets you cut on rolling terrain without having to make multiple passes – something fixed-deck cutters can only dream of doing. With a transport width of only 93″, the TS10 can get practically anywhere – through gates as narrow as 8′, easily into storage, and into the bed of your pickup truck.

Perfect For: Compact Tractor Owners | Homeowners | Roadside Maintenance | Upkeep of Recreational Areas

Features and Benefits:

Fits through gates as narrow as 8′
2″ cutting capacity
Walterscheid EZ-Lock collar makes hookup easy
Replaceable skid shoes
Average mowing time of 4 MPH
Heavy-duty turn buckles


Cutting Width: 120″
Transport Width: 93″
Transport Height: 68″
Overall Length: 162″
Cutting Height: 1″ – 15″ Depending on Tire Size
Height Adjustment: 3 1/2″ x 8″ Hydraulic Cylinder
Hitch: Pull Type, Parallel Clevis
Blade Carrier: Infinity Steel
Blades: 1/2″ x 3″ High lift
Tractor HP Required: 25 PTO
Cutting Capacity: 2″
Driveline ASABE: CAT 4 CV (Main) / CAT 3 SC (Wing)
Deck Thickness: 12 Ga.
Side Skirt: 1/4″ x 10″
Tires & Wheels: 4 or 6 Laminated, Aircraft or Foam Filled Rhino Trax
Wing Flex: 90 Degrees Up / 22 Degrees Down
Safety Deflectors: Deflectors or Chains
Tongue Weight: 720lbs
Weight: 2,190lbs

1540 Rear Blade

Rhino has been manufacturing the leading line of tractor mounted blades for over 50 years. A Rhino blade means rugged durability, superior craftsmanship, innovative design and outstanding performance. Whether you need to dig a ditch, repair a terrace, maintain a road, remove snow, clean a feed lot or prepare a level surface, there is a Rhino Blade for you.

Features include heavy-duty, three-point hitches, reinforced mainframes, massive solid steel kingpins, precisely-formed moldboards, tilt adjustments for rugged durability and outstanding performance. The 1540 Blade is available with either manual or hydraulic adjustments to help fit a wide range of applications and needs.

Perfect For: Ditch Work | Terrace Building/Maintenance | Building/Maintaining Roads | Snow Removal | Clean Livestock Lots

Features and Benefits:

Heavy-Duty 3-Point Hitches
Solid Steel Kingpins
1/2″ x 6″ Replaceable Cutting Edge
Optional Skid Shoes
Optional Gauge Wheels and Skid Shoes


Moldboard Width: 8′, 10′
Cutting Edge: 1/2″ x 6″
Hitch Types: CAT 2 & 3 / CAT 2 & 3 QH
Maximum HP – 2 Wheel: 8′ = 190; 10′ = 160
Maximum HP – Front Wheel Assist: 8′ = 162; 10′ = 136
King Pin Diameter: 4″ Solid Steel
Adjustment Types: Manual or Hydraulic
Offset: 37″
Pivot Forward: Up to 45 Degrees
Pivot Reverse: Up to 45 Degrees
Tilt Up & Down: Up to 15 Degrees
Weight: 8′ = 1,339lbs; 10′ = 1,459lbs

TW36 Rotary Cutter

The TW36 Rotary Cutter is the latest addition to the Rhino Twister Series of single-spindle rotary cutters and the first in the series to have a totally domed deck, helping reduce grass and debris build up as you work. 1/2″ and 4″ updraft blades and impressive 3″ cutting capacity, this 6-foot monster is eager to show brush who’s boss – without slowing you down in the process.

Perfect For: Farms | Ranches | Homesteads

Features and Benefits:

Infinity Cast Blade Carrier
3″ Cut Capacity
CAT 1 and CAT 2 Standard and Quick Hitch Compatible
iMatch Compatible
72” Cutting Width
Laminated Tires
CAT 4 Driveline Size
Slip Clutch Driveline Protection
Full-length Replaceable Skid Shoes
Tapered Side Skirts to Help Prevent Gouging
Smooth Top Deck
High Capacity Cutting Chamber


Cutting Width: 72″
Overall Width: 78 1/2″
Overall Length: 121″
Cutting Height: 1 1/2″
Hitch: CAT 1 / CAT 2 Std. CAT 1 / CAT 2 QH. iMatch
Blade Carrier: Infinity Cast
Blades: 1/2″ x 4″ Updraft
PTO HP Required: 45 HP
Gearbox Rating: 130 HP
Blade Tip Speed (FPM): 14,854
Cutting Capacity: 3″
Driveline Size: CAT 4
Driveline Protection: Slip Clutch
Deck Thickness: 10 Ga.
Side Skirt: 1/4″
Tire & Wheel: 4″ x 8″ Laminated
Safety Deflector: Deflectors or Chains
Weight w/Rubber Deflectors: 1075lbs
Weight w/Chains: 1140lbs


Flail head for skid steer loaders.

Product Image Equipped With:
TSKID Unidirectional motor (with drainage), parallell linkage for better floating on uneven grounds, linkage (SAE J2513) with self-levelling device, mechanical side shift, anti-shock and anticavitation valve, steel adjusting valve complete with pipes, ‘overlap’ rotor, hydraulic pipes and connections protected by spiral, belts transmission, adjustable skids with replaceable wear proof plates, rear adjustable roller, counterblade, rubber and abrasion resistant guard.
*Option: Side shift with hydraulic cylinder complete with pipes.

TFC/F Series

The Ferri Mower TFC/F Series Forestry Mulchers are for tractors with fixed flails. Suitable for green areas and uncultivated vegetation up to 25cm.

Product Image Cutting Width Tractor Power Max. Cutting Width Total Width Weight Rotor Diameter Total Rotor Diameter
TFC/F 2000 6′ 6″ 120 / 130 HP 1000 RPM 10″ 7′ 3″ 3682lbs 0′ 11″ 1′ 8″
TFC/F 2200 7′ 3″ 120 / 140 HP 1000 RPM 10″ 7′ 10″ 3990lbs 0′ 11″ 1′ 8″

TFC-DT/R Series

The Ferri Mower TFC-DT/R Series Forestry Mulchers are for double transmission rotor tractors with forged hammers. Suitable for green areas and uncultivated vegetation up to 30cm.

Product Image Cutting Width Tractor Power Max. Cutting Width Total Width Weight Rotor Diameter Total Rotor Diameter
TFC-DT/R 2000 6′ 6″ 120 / 150 HP 1000 RPM 12″ 7′ 10″ 3792lbs 1′ 4″ 1′ 8″
TFC-DT/R 2200 7′ 3″ 140 / 180 HP 1000 RPM 12″ 8′ 6″ 4256lbs 1′ 4″ 1′ 8″

TFC/R Series

The Ferri Mower TFC/R Series Forestry Mulchers are for tractors with rotor forged hammers and are suitable for green areas and uncultivated vegetation up to 20cm.

Product Image Cutting Width Tractor Power Max. Cutting Width Total Width Weight Rotor Diameter Total Rotor Diameter
TFC/R 2000 6′ 6″ 100 / 120 HP 1000 RPM 8″ 7′ 3″ 3351lbs 1′ 4″ 1′ 8″
TFC/R 2200 7′ 3″ 120 / 140 HP 1000 RPM 8″ 7′ 10″ 3660lbs 1′ 4″ 1′ 8″

ZHE Series

The Ferri Mower ZHE Series are offset-inline slope mowers that work behind and on the side of the tractor on flat or sloping surfaces. perfect for green area specialists with high productivity and long reliability.

Product Image Cutting Width Tractor Power Min. Tractor Weight Min. Tractor Width Max. Sidesliding Flail Head Angle (Degrees) Weight Max. Cutting Width
ZHE 2500 8′ 2″ 100 / 60 HP 8818lbs 7′ 5″ 12″ 60 / 90 2992lbs 2″