New Product Launch – The Olympian Leaf Vacuum!

At Titan Leaf Solutions, we’re constantly looking for ways to design machines that make your job easier and keep you safer. That’s why we are excited to announce the launch of our brand-new leaf vacuum line – The Olympian! The new Olympian units were made with you in mind and boast an impressive number of industry leading features, like the reengineered ride-on operator platform, improved collection arm and new dust suppression system – you asked and we delivered!

There’s always an element of risk when working on roadways, especially during fall and winter months. Developing a machine that puts safety first has always been at the forefront for our engineers. This is why on the Olympian unit, we not only installed a gated guard rail around the operator platform, but also moved it from the side of the machine to be in line with the trailer, providing extra protection from other vehicles on the road. A camera is mounted next to the joystick controls which wirelessly links to a display in the driver’s cab providing full visibility of the operator at all times. An optional operator hood is also available with this model.

The Olympian also has a new longer collection hose, topping out at 14-feet in length. Mounted on a planetary arm, the hose has a 180-degree range of movement, meaning significantly more area can be covered during pick-up, saving the collection crew time and reducing the risk for potential injuries and exhaustion. An optional quick connect/disconnect function is also available for the hose, meaning reduced downtime if you need to access the internal fan for maintenance.

When sucking up leaves, a vacuum naturally also picks up a lot of dust and debris. This can be a problem when it vents from the machine, blowing back out into the street onto other vehicles on the road. The down draft tailgate exhaust on the Olympian solves that problem when used in conjunction with the dust suppression system. Water spray nozzles inside the rear of the unit dampen any dust, which is then caught in debris screens that can be accessed via panels for cleaning and maintenance.

The new Olympian leaf vacuum from Titan Leaf Solutions truly was designed with the end-user in mind, aiming to make your job safer, easier and more efficient.

For more information, contact Titan Leaf Solutions directly on (800) 851-9664 or visit the website here.

To see footage of the new Olympian unit in action, check out this video! There’s more on the Titan Leaf Solutions YouTube channel.

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