1540 Rear Blade

Rhino has been manufacturing the leading line of tractor mounted blades for over 50 years. A Rhino blade means rugged durability, superior craftsmanship, innovative design and outstanding performance. Whether you need to dig a ditch, repair a terrace, maintain a road, remove snow, clean a feed lot or prepare a level surface, there is a Rhino Blade for you.

Features include heavy-duty, three-point hitches, reinforced mainframes, massive solid steel kingpins, precisely-formed moldboards, tilt adjustments for rugged durability and outstanding performance. The 1540 Blade is available with either manual or hydraulic adjustments to help fit a wide range of applications and needs.

Perfect For: Ditch Work | Terrace Building/Maintenance | Building/Maintaining Roads | Snow Removal | Clean Livestock Lots

Features and Benefits:

Heavy-Duty 3-Point Hitches
Solid Steel Kingpins
1/2″ x 6″ Replaceable Cutting Edge
Optional Skid Shoes
Optional Gauge Wheels and Skid Shoes


Moldboard Width: 8′, 10′
Cutting Edge: 1/2″ x 6″
Hitch Types: CAT 2 & 3 / CAT 2 & 3 QH
Maximum HP – 2 Wheel: 8′ = 190; 10′ = 160
Maximum HP – Front Wheel Assist: 8′ = 162; 10′ = 136
King Pin Diameter: 4″ Solid Steel
Adjustment Types: Manual or Hydraulic
Offset: 37″
Pivot Forward: Up to 45 Degrees
Pivot Reverse: Up to 45 Degrees
Tilt Up & Down: Up to 15 Degrees
Weight: 8′ = 1,339lbs; 10′ = 1,459lbs