Bonnell Announces Snow Plow Hero 2020

We’re excited to announce that Bonnell’s Snow Plow Hero 2020 has officially been selected! The winner is Jeff Miller, Highway Commissioner for Rock Creek & Lima Township!

Jeff has been driving snow plows for 39 years now. He started in 1981 plowing for the State of Illinois, and after that Carroll County. He’s currently serving in his second term as Highway Commissioner for the Rock Creek & Lima Township. Jeff’s been using Bonnell equipment for over 20 years. He says it’s the excellent service that keeps him coming back. Kendall is Jeff’s second Bonnell Sales Rep, before him it was Scott Blumeyer, Kendall’s Dad, who retired last year.

Kendall commented, “Jeff Miller has been a great loyal customer of Bonnell Industries and myself since I started working with him 5 years ago. I have built a great friendship with him throughout the years. He is a great pick for the Snow Plow Hero title due to his years of experience and dedication to the Township, making sure the roads are maintained and cleared in a timely fashion.”

Jeff’s fleet consists of four Bonnell reversible side swipe plows and two tandem trucks with Bonnell 9-foot front mount wings, as well as boxes and spreaders.

Jeff says, ‘I’m not a hero, just someone who wants to provide for my road district in the most efficient and effective manor and to aid and assist in the best way I possibly can.’

We want to extend a huge thank you to Jeff for everything he does for his community to keep the roads safe during the winter. He might not think he’s a hero, but we certainly do! Keep tuned this snow season for more updates from Jeff, Bonnell’s 2020 Snow Plow Hero.