How Do Your Roads Look This Summer?

Are your secondary roads victims of ruts, washboarding and uneven surfaces? Don’t let bad roads slow you down this season with Bonnell’s line of road maintainers. Whatever your needs, we have a product that’s got you covered.

312 Road Maintainer 

When you’ve got a job to do, you need to know that the road you take is going to get you there. Whether you have crops, livestock or a rural community relying on you to arrive, make sure the ride is smooth. Bonnell’s 312 Road Maintainer eliminates ruts and washboarding on secondary roads in one cost-effective, easy pass. Creating a near-perfect road surface, the 312 utilizes six cutting and mixing blades and one finishing blade.

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122 Road Maintainer

Whether you’re working on farmland, woodland or in rural communities, don’t let rough roads slow you down. Bonnell’s 122 Road Maintainer answers the call for farmers, park rangers and township supervisors looking to maintain lanes, paths and secondary roads.

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572 Road Maintainer

Harsh winter weather, heavy machinery and frequent use can leave your secondary roads in need of serious care. Bonnell’s 572 Road Maintainer can transform ruts and washboarding into a level, near-perfect road surface with just one pass.

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